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Giuseppe Serio

With more than 20 years’ experience in the automotive industry, Giuseppe leads and is responsible for industry solutions and market development within Upstream. Formerly the global industry solution leader at IBM, he was responsible for the worldwide solution portfolio – including software, hardware and services – for the connected vehicle and vehicle cybersecurity domain. Giuseppe is a thought leader and one of the first proponents of the idea of vehicle security operations centers. He has been a featured speaker and panelist at the most important automotive security conferences and has been invited to speak on vehicle security topics at key industry events around the world.


From trusted mobility data to CRM for a better customer experience and retention

Monetizing existing and future mobility data, which is often spread across dozens of repositories anywhere from the OEM headquarters to local national subsidiaries and the dealership network, is a major challenge. Considering the breadth and diversity of this data, Upstream helps OEMs tackle these issues by providing the basis to collect, process, analyze and translate mobility data into actionable insights and drive customer experience excellence. The ability to identify, understand and signal anomalies, ranging from misbehavior to misuse or cyberattack, is a key ingredient in customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty. With CRM and automotive OEM partners, Upstream can offer unique insights for developing data-driven business models and monetizing mobility data across industries.