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Ludovic Privat

Ludovic leads marketing operations at Geoflex, a French startup company specializing in high-accuracy positioning. He was previously the co-founder of Crowdloc, a geo-location startup, as well as the co-founder and editor in chief of GPS Business News, a technology and business publication (2007-2016). Earlier in his career he launched the first portable navigation devices as a PR consultant for TomTom. He has been a speaker and panel moderator at multiple industry events such as CES, ConnecteDriver & Smart Mobility, Geo IoT World and more.


Unlocking value from accuracy in floating car data

Floating car data is typically timestamped geo-localization and speed data directly collected by moving vehicles. However, the quality of this location data is usually a few meters off from the ground truth. Extracting the raw GNSS data (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou) from the GNSS receiver generates the opportunity to post-process this data, to correct it to decimeter level accuracy and to use it for many valuable purposes such as lane-level traffic information, HD maps, accident reconstruction and more, substantially increasing monetization opportunities. Geoflex has built this post-processing capability worldwide using a technology (seven patents) initially developed by French space agency CNES.