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Hal Reisiger

Hal is a CEO, board member and technology change agent with a proven track record of growing public and private companies, breaking down internal barriers to innovation while driving the development of high-performance teams, global sales channel development, innovative new product development and improved operational effectiveness. As CEO of Cosworth Group Holdings Ltd, he has led the evolution of the business from a motorsport-centric cost center to a rapidly growing and profitable transportation technology company focused on enabling customers to successfully make the transition to clean and intelligent mobility.


Less is more: maximizing the value of data

Indisputably, data is the fuel that powers the monetization of the digital car. Because of the increasing number of sensors being placed on vehicles and the growing implementation of ADAS services, the data being produced by each vehicle is exploding. Collecting and transmitting irrelevant data will overwhelm any data service and render it useless and unprofitable. At Cosworth, we are placing intelligence at the edge, in each vehicle, that selectively chooses and transmits only the most relevant data. This reduces the requirements, and hence cost, for data storage and transmission while maximizing the value of the data. Less truly is more.