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Alexander Stocker

Alexander has been a key researcher for contextual information systems and management and project manager at Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, Europe’s largest R&D center for virtual vehicle technology, since 2013. He holds a doctorate in business administration from the University of Graz and has 20 years of professional experience in the IT industry. Alexander’s research interests are data-driven services and information systems in the automotive industry.


Use cases for connected vehicles: cooperative prediction and warning of traffic risks – technical challenges and possible business opportunities

Shared vehicle data paves the way for novel data-driven services. How about vehicles sharing traffic risk-related data for the benefit of all road users while maintaining the privacy of individual road users? Based on the results of the D-TRAS research project, this presentation will outline the various challenges in developing a data-driven service that integrates data from vehicles collected via smartphone-based safe driving apps with vehicle CANbus data obtained via data marketplaces and traffic safety-related data from companies and government institutions to enable the prediction of traffic risks for vehicle drivers and other stakeholders. After an insight into the technical approach of the project and its limitations, the business perspective and the different beneficiaries of such a service will be discussed.