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Jimmy Kapadia

Jimmy is the manager of the electrified systems analytics department at Ford Motor Company. He has worked at Ford for the last 19 years and has been involved in various aspects of electrified powertrains since 2006, including leading the connected vehicle data analytics team for the last six years. He has co-authored seven SAE papers and is the recipient of 14 US patents in the field of electrification.


Connected data for prognostics, quality cost savings and beyond

Connected vehicle data has given a new meaning to our relationship with customers at Ford Motor Company. In our Ford+ plan, we pursue an always-on approach to our relationship with customers. In addition to customer-facing connected services, the product development team at Ford uses connected vehicle data to continuously improve our products – the underlying powertrain and various propulsion components. In this talk, we will highlight our work using connected vehicle data to provide prognostics for electric vehicles. The prognostics provide an early warning to quality teams, reducing time to resolution and quality costs all while increasing customer satisfaction and retention. Connected vehicle data is also used in the design of future components that are optimized according to usage learned from connected vehicle data.